It’s right around the corner! The promise of a new start, a new year. Along with the well intended opportunity for us to reflect on all of our accomplishments of 2017 and set goals for 2018, come a flurry of messages and marketing that tell us all we need to become something we are not.

These messages come from external sources – diet plans, promises:

– Follow this meal plan (studies show the maximum amount meal plans are followed is 2 1/2 weeks);
– Lose 30lbs in 60 days (studies show weight loss is not maintained over 6-12 months);
– Drink these shakes or take these supplements (possibly unsafe, minimal evidence on efficacy)

So what do we do, give up hope? Nope! We can begin to work toward what does make a difference in our health and quality of life. Quick fix? No, those don’t work anyway. It’s about working on you, within your lifestyle, health conditions, and priorities. You are worth it!

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