I am excited to introduce two different menu planning tools to help my clients reach their healthy eating goals! These menu planners are intended to be used in collaboration with our work together.

*Please note, these prices do not include additional RD advisement. Please contact me to learn more about individualized services. 

Option #1: Confidence by Design/Platejoy Meal Planning

Need new ideas? Want to make meal planning easier, quicker, and tastier? Enjoy a variety of recipes personalized for you (based on your preferences!)

Watch this to learn more:

Only $50 for clients for the entire year ($65 as a standalone)

(PlateJoy memberships retail for $59 for 6 months, and $89 for 12 months – please use the links below to get the discounted rates!)

Existing clients use this link: Payment link – sign up today ($50)

Stand alone purchasers use this link: Payment Link – Sign up today! $65

(Once payment is confirmed, I will email you the link and password to create your account and get started!)

Option #2: Confidence by Design/Living Plate/Gathered Table Dietitian Created Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plans

Take your meal plan to the next level! These meal plans are created by nutrition experts (Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists), and the recipes are hand picked and designed to include foods that are easy to make, delicious, and uniquely balanced to optimize your health! You get everything included in option #1 – and the benefit of having a menu designed by experts to maximize nutrition!

Free 24 hour trial

$138 for 6 months

$228 for 12 months

Sign up link!

Whichever option you choose – expanding your options for delicious meals or bringing a hand selected, dietitian created meal plan into your home – you & your family will enjoy delicious recipes for months!

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