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Christa Valentine Nutrition isn’t your average nutrition business. Individualized, cutting edge, and evidence based nutrition therapy provided at every visit – so you leave feeling energized, and ready to take on a healthy lifestyle! Our practice is weight inclusive, and nutrition therapy we provide is weight neutral. Our sessions on focus on helping you become your best self and improving your health in all ways – through nourishing food, joyful movement, and self care.

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Sharing information about your body and your lifestyle can be tough. Here’s a little information about how the practice works to help you feel more informed and ease some stress.


Making the appointment

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*Please note, all intake paperwork, booking, and communication is done through a secure platform on the internet. 


Before the visit

You will receive an invitation to the client portal, as well as several forms to fill out prior to your appoitment. You will also receive appointment reminders and directions to our practice. Please fill these out as soon as possible to make your visit the best it can be!

Additionally, if you plan to use insurance you must contact your MD office and have paperwork faxed to us indicating the diagnosis you are being seen for and any pertinent labs or paperwork. Our fax is (888) 972-7260.


During the visit

Plan for a 55 minute initial session, and a 25 minute follow up session. During our session, we will talk about your goals and develop a collaborative plan to meet them. In follow-up sessions, we will check in to make sure the plan is still working for you and update it as needed.


After the visit

Once we complete our visit, we may schedule a follow-up visit to support you in your goals. Any information I need to provide to you after the visit will be done in 5-7 business days. If you need anything in the future, my door is always open!

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